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This is absolutely in the “too cool” category. I won’t spoil the video. Just watch it. Setting: Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. [youtube][/youtube]

Saw this smooth Army-Navy video. It’s great – and then I found out the lyrics were written by the son of my good buddy and Naval Academy graduate Roy Ledesma! Check it out: [youtube][/youtube]

Working in shaft alley? Stuck in the galley? How would you like to spend hours a day standing in the middle of the road directing traffic? When you are in a job like that, sometimes you have to make your own music. [youtube][/youtube]

In case you missed game three of the World Series, retired Navy Petty Officer Generald Wilson blasted out “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch. Click on his picture (above) to hear it in its entirety. It was the talk of the country, especially among those who watch baseball, and he was asked to appear on Fox News to talk about it. Click here to see his interview. He did baseball proud. He did the Navy proud. He made America proud.

I have shown this video before, but just the other day my old Skipper sent it to me and it really made my day. The fellow in the video is Matt Harding, and I hope to meet the guy someday, because I love his spirit. Here it is again (published in 2012): [youtube][/youtube] In reading his website, I discovered that the 2012 version is actually his fourth video. There were three earlier ones. The first was done on a lark, while traveling in 2003-2004, and posted in 2005. [youtube][/youtube] The video got some attention, and a chewing gum company hired…

These two videos were sent to me by my buddy Cliff, an Army veteran and helo pilot. If you think you’re a pretty good pilot, your confidence might get knocked down a peg or two when you see these guys. First is Sean Tucker, arguably the best stunt pilot in the nation (also a strong supporter of veterans). [youtube][/youtube] Next is a pilot whose name I do not know, but what you see here will take your breath away. [youtube][/youtube]

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