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[youtube][/youtube] The Paralympics start in Sochi on March 7, just weeks after the Olympics’ closing ceremonies. Team USA is loaded with veterans and active duty military personnel. In fact, three veterans are listed in an article titled, “Fourteen names to know for the Sochi Paralympic Winter Games.” Great athletes. Great stories.

If you have never seen the Marine Corps’ Silent Drill Team, you need to watch this. It is not a short video – it takes about fourteen minutes – but it shows how impressive these Marines really are. [youtube][/youtube] From the Marine Corps website: “Bayoneted rifles flying from Marine to Marine, the lineup of crisp dress blue uniforms, the rhythmic slap of rifles caught by leather-gloved hands: The Silent Drill Platoon exemplifies Marine Corps discipline, precision and skill. Members of the Silent Drill Platoon are handpicked to represent the Marine Corps. Through intense practice, they learn to perform precise rifle…

This is a little dated (mentions Iraq), but no less moving. [youtube][/youtube] To get your blood pumping again, how about some flight ops? [youtube][/youtube]

Saw this on Facebook – it was filmed about a year ago. We are in between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but this is a nice reminder that thanks is timeless. [youtube][/youtube]

They know something we don’t, I think. They see through our human frailties and see what’s inside. I stumbled on this video, which warmed my heart. [youtube][/youtube] Then I found this video, which is a compilation of different dogs welcoming back their military owners. [youtube][/youtube] Nice, but although I’m a dog lover, they can never beat this: [youtube][/youtube]

While the eastern half of the United States was dealing with a severe winter storm, the containership OOCL Belgium was experiencing its own winter weather in the North Atlantic. Earlier video was deleted. I think this one works: [youtube][/youtube] (Sent by Scott, a Navy veteran – read the whole article here.)

Stumbled upon this video, taken during RIMPAC 2010. I count 27 ships, plus at least one submarine. That is a lot of firepower in one part of the ocean! [youtube][/youtube]

Saw this on Facebook. Watch Robin Williams handle an unexpected event with grace and respect while on tour with the USO. [youtube][/youtube]

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