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Three dance videos this week, but none of that smaltzy stuff. These guys rock. First up, all the way from Korea, here’s a funky look at the 38th Parallel (VEOH) (image by Željko Heimer) This is a crazy dance video from Kollaboration 2001. Watch the kid in the orange sweater. [youtube]HSoVKUVOnfQ[/youtube] You have probably seen this one already – it made the rounds in emails. But if you haven’t, this is comedian Judson Laipply doing “The Evolution of Dance.” [youtube]dMH0bHeiRNg[/youtube] Terrorists can be so touchy! [youtube]iFbo-lL-go8[/youtube]

The Royal Navy gets into the music video world. [youtube]8pHsZqqZ2XE[/youtube] This video cracks me up every time I see it. I think it’s the music that makes it. [youtube]GT9RybyqB-Y [/youtube] The Canadians (or maybe it’s the French) shoot an Eryx missile – NOT. [youtube]YYhbHWwWsyg[/youtube] In what’s becoming a real phenomenon, the Dutch in Afghanistan join in the battling Amarillos. (See the video archives for British and American versions.) [youtube]m4eTnN6AW14[/youtube]

There are two videos here, and you have to watch them both, one after another. The first was done by the Brits in one continuous camera shot… [youtube]mcuSEZGlQxo[/youtube] This is the American response… [youtube]PSK-ajD2xqI[/youtube]

This video showed up on the internet several months ago, and became a favorite among flight enthusiasts. This is what happens when you’re not used to pulling Gs. The rider was a reporter on a VIP ride with the Blue Angels. [youtube]bWLi9UkV5nY[/youtube]

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