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OK. First you have to watch the original version to truly appreciate (or understand) the military knock-off that follows. [youtube]YqEO_sD1sbk[/youtube] NOW watch the military version (click on the flag).

As we near Memorial Day, it’s appropriate to remember those who have fallen in defense of liberty. It is also appropriate to thank our military members for the sacrifices they face every day, and our veterans for service already performed. Well done to you all, and thank you. Here are some videos that tell your story, and – more importantly – reflect the admiration hundreds of millions of Americans have for you, and what you represent. The American Soldier (click on image) Operation Iraqi Freedom – The Navy/Marine Corps team [youtube]xGoKV5mgwSA[/youtube] U.S. Coast Guard [youtube]Gp32mUEuM3k[/youtube] U.S. Air Force [youtube]kq7602bvk_o[/youtube] Welcome…

As we near Memorial Day, let us honor the dedicated service of the members of our armed forces, and remember the countless veterans who have served this country with honor. This is a little long (12 min), so sit back, kick your shoes off, and enjoy it. It was sent to me by a Navy vet. DOD photo

I guess I’ve been recalcitrant in showing some good USAF videos. But it’s been worth the wait. You will love this Air Force parody on the office linebacker. [youtube]ChsFcziajEE[/youtube]

Here’s are a couple of classics that have been around for awhile. But they’ll still make you smile. [youtube]LP8_Icd-lKQ[/youtube] This one is really a Navy spoof, but the Coast Guard wins in the end. [youtube]U5fsirKgyR4[/youtube]

Send an ecard to the troops! May is the month to salute our military. Thanks for all you do. One team, one fight. [youtube]rAIUT9lT29o[/youtube] There are a million videos out there showing our troops in action. This is one of my favorites. If you’re wearing a uniform, and you want to know how we Americans feel about this country, and the esteem we have for you – the men and women who defend our liberties and way of life – watch this. [youtube]rM_tDB8OZok[/youtube]

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