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As we near the Air Force’s 60th birthday, let’s look at some centrifuge training. This video has been out awhile, but it’s always entertaining. [youtube]wxQ5BwEaFlg[/youtube]

[youtube]EqGJ7_T9SI4[/youtube] On a sunny September morning six years ago, every American’s life changed forever. What began in our minds as a tragic, horrible airplane accident changed instantly with the sudden appearance of the second aircraft. Then the third, and fourth. Our blood ran cold, and chills ran down our backs. America, our beautiful America, had been attacked in the most bestial way. We watched transfixed, and heard the stories. There might be other planes. The military was on full alert. We were confused, and we grieved for the victims in the planes, in the towers and in the Pentagon. Even…

According to the notes, this was produced by MarinesTVPendleton. If you have ever been around a base at 07:59, you’ll get a chuckle out of it. I like the message at the end. [youtube]enhw9o-7n2I[/youtube]

Somebody had to do it. I scoured the bowels of YouTube to give you these videos. The worst music video [youtube]YPnGPIMUnus[/youtube] Worst police dog [youtube]gQpu9UoXCeM[/youtube] Worst weather forecast [youtube]z1bCMWLFKWo[/youtube] Worst burglary attempt [youtube]c3aYZQJZ1SQ[/youtube] And my favorite, the worst thing that can happen when getting acupuntured [youtube]t0kz8MCxq6A[/youtube]

According to the notes, this is the “Boogie Down Brass Band” out of Camp Victory, Iraq. The American spirit in action. [youtube]yHwxTl0jOPI[/youtube]

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