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I’m suffering from a cold or allergies and am in a funk. So to get the motor running, let’s look at a couple of videos to get fired up! I had coffee yesterday with a Guardsman, so I’ll start with this one. Here is one that has made the rounds before, but it still gets the spine tingling. One more – a little longer but worth it:

People amaze me. Boise State recently held what they call an Appathon, which is where teams of students participate to develop mobile apps during a “weekend coding marathon.” When I was in college, weekends were made for road trips, pennying doors and seeing how many marshmallows we could stuff up our noses. Even if they had had apps back then (or cell phones for that matter), we would never have dreamed of actually designing one in our spare time. Free time was not meant for cerebral things, especially cerebral things that made you think. But I digress. In case you…

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Edward C. Byers Jr. received the Medal of Honor recently, and later spoke at the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes. His words and demeanor speak volumes. He is a hero, of course, but not just a hero. He is a leader too. Click on the image for his short (7 min) speech.

I caught this video recently that demonstrates the latest version of robot being developed by Boston Dyanamics. Its name is Atlas, the next generation. The military is working on similar capabilities, and it is no secret that the world is on the threshold of an entirely new phase of robotic technology. So it might be wise to treat those things with a little respect. Watch the video and see if you have the same reaction I did. It won’t take long before Atlas starts hitting back. That’s all I’m saying.

Two stories of heroism and defiance in the face of brutality. If you want to feel humble, listen to the accounts of these men’s experiences and humility will hit you right between the eyes. Blinking “torture” during interrogation – CDR Jeremiah A. Denton Jr “Pretending to be blinded by the spotlights, he began blinking — seemingly random spasms and tics. He answered interrogators’ questions with a trace of defiance, knowing he would be beaten again and again, but hoping that America would detect his secret message in Morse code.” (New York Times – click here for the full article) The…

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