Sometimes we forget

Delta Honor Guard

Delta Honor Guard

Although there are Americans in harm’s way right now, and although we vow to never forget, I think that some of us do. And then, unexpectedly, we stumble upon a video that brings it all back again and renews our commitment to remember those who have fallen, those who bear the scars, and those who still serve in dangerous, far away places.

Click on the video to watch a touching, dignified airport ceremony for a fallen Soldier. We who were in the military sometimes forget that there is an American spirit that resides within all of us – not just those in uniform. Sacrifice for one’s country is universally appreciated; its sadness is universally felt. (According to the description by the Delta Honor Guard, the flag draped coffin held a veteran of the Korean War who had been missing for over sixty years. The second box held partial remains of a Soldier that had already been buried.)


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