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You may have heard that one of the TV morning teams is breaking up. The unexpected news upset one of the hosts so much that she did not show up to work for a week.

She makes about $20 million a year.

If an E-2 tried that, he would have faced a nonjudicial punishment that might have resulted in forfeiture of half his pay for a couple of months, restricted duty (meaning he could not leave the ship), and reduction in rate to E-1.

An E-2 makes about $20 thousand a year.

Morning hosts sip coffee and talk. Their biggest fear is flubbing a line or mispronouncing a name.

The E-2 works in one of the most hazardous environments in the world. His or her biggest fear is getting killed.

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Multitasking to TV stars means they can memorize lines and take calls from agents at the same time.

Military multitasking is different and less flashy.

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When things get too tough, when the stress is too overwhelming or the day is too much to handle, stars simply take some time off.

The most an E-2 can hope for is a light duty chit.

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E-2s get a rack in open bay berthing and three meals a day. When they do a good job, they might get an “attaboy” from someone a couple of years older.

Celebrities get drivers, private dressing rooms and red carpets. Whether they do a good job or not, the paparazzi will faithfully and breathlessly report on every baby bulge, glittery outfit and romantic interlude. The stars are adored. The world can’t get enough of them.

And I’ll take the E-2 any time.

[Edited 5-3-2016]


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