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An Op Ed in the paper today (“Veterans’ charities, other philanthropy must rise above current ills” by Brent Taylor) got me thinking, which I think was his intention.

Brent Taylor, Exec Director, Wyakin Warrior Foundation

Brent Taylor, Exec Director, Wyakin Warrior Foundation

The bad press that a large nonprofit received in recent weeks has had a ripple effect throughout the nonprofit community, in much the same way as a Commanding Officer getting fired has an effect on the Navy’s image. It is similar to other scandals that have hit the front pages over the years. Related industries are inevitably drawn in by association.

In the case of nonprofits, the ones who get hurt are the very people who need the services the most. Secondary victims include the dedicated employees and volunteers who continue to serve their respective causes honorably, knowing that their efforts and motives will be questioned and viewed with suspicion.

I support the Wyakin Warrior Foundation, as many of you know. Its financials are clearly posted for all to see. That is one way, I guess, to inform supporters where their money goes. When it comes to donating to worthy causes, don’t be distracted by shiny objects. Keep your head on a swivel and invest where it will do the most good, and where you can measure the results.


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