‘Tis the season for over eatin’


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As my family prepares for Christmas, we like to follow the time honored tradition of stuffing our gullets until we can’t walk. To that end, we visited a place tonight that specializes in all you can eat pizza and fried chicken.

Pizza and chicken. All you can eat.

The best characterization of the evening came from my brother who told me not to expect many “pretty people” in there. Good call.

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What is it about the holidays that flips an invisible go switch within our brains? I am no doctor but I have been told our bodies have little sensors inside that tell us when we are full; well, let me tell you brother, my switch has been tagged out. All around me are sweets, nuts, breads and all the food your doctor says you should not eat. There are chocolates wrapped in gold foil, gingerbread cookies covered with frosting, and smells coming from the kitchen that belong in a bakery.

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It is more than one mortal man can withstand. That being said, I have to get a grip on my appetite, and if you’re reading this you are probably struggling with the same thing this time of year.

The secret may lie in military food preparation. It is weird. Have you noticed how you rarely find overeating problems on ships? I think there must be something about Navy chow that suppresses uncontrolled eating.

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If I ever figure out that little secret, I’ll make a mint.


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