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Remember PCS moves? If you are active duty and reading this, remember your LAST move?

Moving days are no fun, no matter how many you have experienced. But every day the military sends people to all corners of the globe, ripping them up from their neighborhoods, their schools, their communities and sending them off to parts unknown. The movees watch helplessly as complete strangers wrap their most cherished treasures in thin paper and throw them in a box.

It can be very traumatizing.

You can always tell people who have not moved as much as we have. They are the ones who wistfully proclaim that they would really like to experience a move some day.

Be my guest. My last move was ten years ago and until this weekend I thought we were done with living out of boxes. I had been through TAP (transition assistance program), and had officially become a civilian.

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I remember thinking, “This is the last move ever.”

This weekend, though, the flooring guys arrived to install new floors. To save money, we thought we would move the furniture ourselves and take out the old carpet. We figured, how hard could it be? I was always pretty handy with a wrench.

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Before the day was out, our other rooms and hallways were jam packed with stuff. Clutter was everywhere. As we looked around, we couldn’t help but think of earlier moves that didn’t go so well.

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But now, the floors are done, the furniture is back in place and you know what?

This was the last move ever.


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