It is a day that is seared into our brains, and we are all different because of it. Personally, it has dominated every day of my life since, and I am no different than millions of others who will say the same. Many men and women will suffer wounds and injuries for the rest of their lives from the wars that were to follow. Families will continue to grieve the loss of loved ones – lost on that day or in the years to come.

It was a day of horror and unimaginable sadness. We were at once vulnerable and impregnable. Scared and resolved. We felt alone, yet part of something whole. We wanted to help the innocent victims, but were unable to do a thing.

It has been fourteen years, and the images will not fade. I know now that the memory will never go away. Just reviewing videos for today’s piece brought me back instantly to that terrible, dark day.

An entire generation has been born that will not remember September 11, and they are blessed. But for those who were there, even if it sounds cliche to say it, the day will never be forgotten.

Even if we wanted to.

(National Park Service)


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