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If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know that I donate most of my free time to assisting severely wounded, injured and ill veterans transition out of the military and into civilian careers through the Wyakin Warrior Foundation. Wyakin is a Native American term meaning “Guardian Spirit.”

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I am but a small part of a large cadre of volunteers from the community who, along with a small staff, have wrapped themselves around these incredible young veterans as they shun their physical challenges and charge forward toward their dreams.

It is the hardest and most satisfying thing I have ever done.

The payoff is in seeing the Wyakin Warriors succeed. This is a news story that came out today about one of them. His name is Josh Barnes, an Air Force veteran who has lost most of his sight due to exposure to radar radiation. Watch this short video to see what he is doing now. And if you know Josh, you know that he is just getting started.

The story aired on KIVI-TV. Click on the image to view the three and a half minute video. Josh

If you are in Idaho this weekend, the Wyakin Warrior Foundation is hosting its annual Guardian Ball, a formal event that will feature the induction of seven more veterans into the organization. In addition, there will be fine dining, famous cartoonists from all over the country will draw for the crowd, a band will serenade everyone, and a live auction will round out the evening. You can get tickets at If you can’t make it, you can simply donate to the cause. The more funds they receive, the more veterans they can bring into the program.

The way I see it, the Wyakin Warriors sacrificed for their country. Through this “best in class” organization, we all have the opportunity to return the favor.


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