Forged by fire – the U.S. Army


The Army was born in conflict. It was forged by fire, even before it existed.

On June 14, 1775 the Second Continental Congress authorized the creation of a standing army in response to escalating violence and tension between British occupying forces and the Americans they sought to control.

(Original artist William Barnes Wollen)

(Original artist William Barnes Wollen)

The battles of Lexington and Concord had already taken place two months prior. Fort Ticonderoga was wrestled from British control in May. On day one of what is now a 239-year-old service, the country was at war. And the learning curve for the fledgling army was about to get very steep, because the Battle of Bunker Hill would be fought three days later.

Since leaving the Navy I have met and worked with many Army Soldiers and have come to respect and admire their love of country and commitment to the cause of freedom. Many of them have shed blood in America’s defense. Very few of them have ever expressed regret. They know that they are a part of 239 years of Army tradition, heritage and sacrifice. Their predecessors fought in every fight this country has known, and today’s Soldiers are cut from the same mold. It is an honor to consider them brothers and sisters in arms.

(DOD photo)

(DOD photo)

The United States Army. A proud institution, forged by fire.


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  1. mikeferguson on

    Well said, Jeff. I had similar experiences both while still on active duty (in some challenging places – it was encouraging to know the Army was sharing the duty, especially if the shooting started) and now retired (Army training and rigor makes for effective church members: always supporting the appropriate mission). Army Green was a bit drab, but their cammies knock the sox off ours!

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