As a lifelong Denver Broncos fan I have spent the last couple of days in a real funk. Not that we haven’t been there before. But today, the strangest thing happened. I looked up. In all the noise and excitement I had failed to notice that other things, important things, were happening around the world.


For example, ISAF Commander General Joseph Dunford announced that a lot of progress has been made in Afghanistan and that the country is at a crossroads. (See his interview here.)

In Asia, where we are slowly shifting our national focus, Commander of U.S. Pacific Command Admiral Sam Locklear said that emerging nations are doing well economically and as they develop militarily, there will inevitably be friction. (See his presentation here.)

So, despite what we Broncos fans believed on Sunday night, not only did the sun come up the next day, but apparently the world kept turning.

Go figure.


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