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  1. We are talking about Marines here – – – right? Isn’t the opening line redundant when it comes to Marines????

    Some of my best friends are Marines ????

    Can’t get out of this one, can i?

  2. @Semilogical

    Lol! As a former Marine I will say “You Lose!” Can’t get out of that last one, it’s now on the inter-webs!

    I love inter-service rivalry. But when there is a bar fight that involves the Army (or Air Force but that wouldn’t last long), the Marines and Sailors always seem to be on the same side. Almost. And I have been in a few, mostly in Ports of call.

    Besides, I think the Navy is great Marine Corps transportation and off-shore arty!

    I work in a “Joint” environment and I have heard my share of why Marines exist (dance partners for the Navy), or why we have names above our rear pocket on the cami uniform.

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