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  1. Oh, my. I hope I never behaved that way, but I’m sure I might have left that impression. If I did (and you follow Jeff’s great stuff), I apologize. Mike

  2. I reported aboard my ship for Desert Storm, recalled reservist, and the Captain gave me the open door for anything I wanted to talk about. I never took him up on it but during the cruise he always asked me if I had ever done whatever the special evolution was planned or going on. When I answered “No Sir” he would say: “Chief, let me get you hooked up.” I have no doubt that he would have had me doing anything and everything anyone would ever want to do on a ship. After getting to fire the 50 cal. I was informed that the Captain wanted me assigned as the Bridge Wing gunner because I was the only sailor that actually hit the “Killer Tomato”.

    I think that Captain was really serious about the open door policy! I had a great cruise and actually wanted to stay longer but when the war was over so was I.

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