Drawn by Fire



I always thought that life was pretty fair, but then I met Paul Combs. Paul is a firefighter. But more than that, he is an incredible artist/cartoonist/caricaturist who is known throughout the universe as the artistic voice of the men and women who fight fires around the country.

He is sort of the firefighting equivalent of Broadside, if Broadside were beautifully drawn and known in every fire district in the country. Oh, and if the artist were built like a linebacker, had a macho day job and sported a full head of hair (he added the last part).

Paul has offered to draw the poster for this year’s Guardian Ball, the annual BIG EVENT for the Wyakin Warrior Foundation. He will also draw personalized art for the crowd and charm everyone.

And probably save a life or something.

If you want to see him and several other nationally known cartoonists, get yourself a ticket. You can get ’em at guardianball.org. It’s in Boise on November 23rd and raises money for the severely wounded and injured veterans in the Wyakin Warrior program.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Paul has also been to combat zones in Afghanistan to draw for the troops. They loved him.

Life isn’t fair.

[To see more of Paul Combs’ art, visit his website by clicking here.]


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