Tragedy at the Navy Yard


If you have ever been there, you will know that the Navy Yard is a very secure site. Entry into the base is well controlled, as is entry into NAVSEA where the shooting took place on Monday. So it came as no surprise to hear that the gunman had a Navy connection. The latest news stories say that he was a contractor, so he would have had a valid ID card.

What does come as a surprise is the apparent randomness of it all. Maybe as more information is uncovered, we will know why he chose the Navy Yard, and why he chose NAVSEA.

And maybe not.

What we DO know is that thirteen promising lives were lost, and out of respect for them there will be no humor today. I can only refer you to a Military Times article that describes the scene better than anything I have read today. When you read the article, also look at the photos that capture the chaotic aftermath of this senseless tragedy. Click on the image to read the story.

navy yard

Our hearts mourn for those who were lost, and for those still fighting for their lives in area hospitals.


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