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Iraq War hero COL (ret) David Sutherland has released an outstanding article discussing the need for communities, nonprofits and government agencies to work collectively to welcome home the estimated 1 million veterans who will be leaving military service within the next few years.

COL Sutherland, as Chairman of the Dixon Center has retired from the military, but has continued the advocacy campaign that he began while serving as a direct-report to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Along with Dixon Center President LCDR (ret) Kim Mitchell, Dave Sutherland has traveled around the country in an effort to organize a vast but disjointed network of veteran programs being offered to an entire generation of war veterans returning home.

His article titled, “You Might Know What Our Military is, But You Don’t Know Who We Are and What We are Capable Of” is a call to action for those who can play a part in smoothing the troops’ transition back into society.

His point: What this latest generation of new veterans can do, and what they can provide, is incredible. They just need a steady hand to guide them into the next stage of their lives. Once they get there, just watch what they can do.

To support COL Sutherland’s and the Dixon Center’s efforts, you can donate as part of a year-end giving campaign by clicking here.

[Col. David Sutherland (ret) is co-founder and Chairman of the Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Community Services. He commanded the U.S. combat brigade in Diyala Province, Iraq (2006-2007) and served as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (2009-2012) with a focus on warrior and family support.]


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