So THAT’s how they do it


The Wyakin Warriors were selected from a list of 400 organizations to be featured in a commercial, and they just finished shooting. It was fascinating to watch the process. All is quiet and still within a two foot circle around the person being filmed, but outside of that, the world is buzzing with constant action. Here are a few shots:




The goal of the spot is to show the incredible capabilities and drive that young veterans have. If confronted with obstacles, those who have been severely wounded or injured acknowledge and adapt, then move on. The two men featured in the commercial are busy with school, athletics, and various other activities. Both are focused on doing well, graduating, then establishing themselves in civilian careers.

It will be an uplifting, inspiring commercial that will serve to show other severely wounded and injured veterans that there are organizations out there who can lend a hand in helping them achieve their goals.


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