Destroyer Escort Day – June 15, 2013


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The third Saturday in June has been designated “Destroyer Escort Day”, in homage to the DE Sailors who gave their lives from WWII until the 1990s.

Duty aboard Destroyer Escorts (redesignated Frigates in 1975) was dangerous, arduous and exhilarating to those who served in them. I was lucky. I was one of them.

I know of four fellow crewmembers who died while serving, and I imagine I am no different than most. However, the day will also be celebrated by many, because the crews were tight and there was an intimate bond that formed between fellow DE/FF Sailors.

A Facebook page has been created for DE/FF Sailors, and if you ever served aboard one, you are welcome to join in on the conversation. The page can be found here.

In a simple internet search, at least four states have issued proclamations in honor of the day (Maine, Virginia (celebrated earlier), Michigan, and Georgia, and I imagine a few others Governors have done the same. A ceremony is held each year on board USS SLATER (DE 766), the last WWII DE still afloat.

It is a day to honor those who went down to the sea in ships. The DE Sailors.

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