Wait, what? They changed facebook again?

Now I know how Albert felt.

Albert was the first monkey in space. I’m sure he had a problem with all the technology surrounding him, too. He didn’t survive the flight, unfortunately. Neither did Albert II – he didn’t make it through the landing (parachute problem). Luckily, the only launches I have experienced are the launches of new technology, and so far I have survived. But as the great philosopher Han Solo so eloquently stated, “Don’t get cocky, kid.”

No problem.

Part of my job is to put stuff up on social media sites, and to put it mildly, I am not good at it. I am even worse at dealing with sudden changes, especially if technology is involved.

For example, I still own a television that used to work just fine. I could pull down TV stations right out of the air, for free! It was great. Then they changed the signal to digital, and now it doesn’t work. It just stares at me, a dark, silent, pathetic reminder that we no longer live in an analog world.

And now, just as I was getting used to facebook’s new “timeline” format – which was supposed to be an improvement over their old format (which worked just fine) – they have decided that things that were on the right will forevermore be on the left, or something like that. You have to wonder what insidious plan is behind all of this.

I don’t know where all this technology is taking us, but it unsettles me. And just like my predecessors, I have a sneaking suspicion the landing is going to be a little rough.


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