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We have seen it too many times. A news article or quick report on TV about another American killed in Afghanistan. We see the photos, listen to the report, then move on.

SGT. Michael Cable

I remember hearing about a Soldier who had been stabbed while playing with Afghan children. I remember thinking how tragic that was.

Then I moved on.

But the family didn’t. His community didn’t either. One week later, on April 4th, that news story became real for the family of SGT Michael Cable and the community of Owensboro, Kentucky. Cable, the seventh casualty from the area to die serving his country in OIF/OEF, was welcomed home by hundreds of people who lined the streets as his procession drove from the airport to the funeral parlor several blocks away.

Escorting him were 137 bikers from the Patriot Guard, American Legion Riders, and Rolling Thunder. In all, the procession stretched for more than a mile.

There is a face behind every news story we hear, and a grieving family back home trying to somehow cope with the loss of their cherished son or daughter, husband or wife. Entire communities struggle to make sense of it all, wanting to take the pain away from their neighbors, knowing there is nothing they can do except show their support.

That support is far more valuable than most of them realize.

SGT Michael Cable and the hundreds to came out for his homecoming are our heroes of the week.

Sent to me by Michael, a veteran who was there on April 4th to welcome SGT Cable home.


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