Top ten things I would rather do than my taxes


I should be doing my taxes right now. For the record (and especially for those distinguished employees of the Internal Revenue Service – every one of whom I admire and respect – that might be reading this), I WILL DO MY TAXES. I promise. On time, accurately and everything.

Still, there are many things I would rather do than pull out old receipts and figure out how much I owe the tax man. I went into the archives and found a few cartoons to help explain.

10. Swim with sharks.

9. Get a colonoscopy.

8. Get violently ill.

7. Electrical shock.

6. Major surgery.

5. Get beat with a bat.

4. Get a root canal.

3. Drink someone else’s spit.

2. This.

1. Poke a sharp stick in my eye.

To be fair, there are worse things than figuring out how much you owe in taxes. Lots of things.

I just can’t think of any right now.


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