Right Place, Right Time


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I saw a picture today of a family standing and smiling in front of the Mayan Temple. They took the shot on December 21, 2012. They were there, at the epicenter of the end-of-the-world frenzy, on the exact date that life as we know it was supposed to end.


There are only so many times in our lives when the circumstances and timing align so that we are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Hale-Bopp was my moment. Remember the comet Hale-Bopp?

On March 24, 1997 my wife and I sat on the beach at North Island (Coronado) and on one beautiful night saw (a) a comet, (b) intense bioluminescence, and (c) a lunar eclipse. It was out of this world.


But my all time favorite example is that of my friend Arthur, destined to retire as a Chief Petty Officer after a successful career in the Navy, who had his moment all the way back in high school. This is a picture of the all-girl “S Club” that was published in the Brawley Union High School yearbook.

The S Club was a social/service club made up of the prettiest girls in school. Membership was a status symbol. S Clubbers were destined for greater things in life, most of which involved quarterbacks, advanced degrees and successful careers; and none of which involved guys like me and Art – or most of the guys we knew, for that matter.

But take a closer look at the photo.

Here is a blown up view.

That young man would one day become a Chief Petty Officer. He would travel the world defending S Clubbers and the rest of America, and after a full career return to our twentieth reunion in full dress whites and be voted “least changed.” To this day he continues to love life and live it with zest.

He was the perfect Chief. He had guts. He had charisma. And he had perfect timing.

You have to wonder where he was on December 21st.


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