A career in the military, to say the least, is a life-altering experience. It matures you. It gives you perspective. It helps you to understand what is important in life. It makes you a better person.

A marriage in the military is all that and much, much more. The two of you learn to trust each other in ways no one else can understand. I believe the love you share grows deeper and more profound because you understand how fragile and precious life can be. You ache when you are apart and rejoice when you reunite. You share moments of triumph, and grow closer when things get tough.

When the nation goes to war, both of you go – and you grow closer still.

Military careers all share a common trait. They eventually end.

A deep and enduring love never does.


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  1. Jeff:
    Two milestones in my life:
    1) enlisting in the Navy at 18 and
    2) finding and marrying my wife while we were both in the Navy!
    We’re still together; retired now and working hard on our 20 acre ranch in Texas!


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