200 or 200


This is getting serious. A few months ago a buddy and I vowed to get our weight down to 200 lbs. It represented a weight loss of ten or fifteen pounds. Since we only see each other once a year or so, we said we would weigh ourselves the next time we got together.

Neither of us made it.

So this time we’re getting serious. Our new goal date is March 31. If either of us is not able to get down to 200 lbs or less by then, he will get punished. He will have to pay a two hundred buck donation to the Wyakin Warrior Foundation (tax deductible).

But donating money is too easy. We made it harder.

As an additional punishment, if we don’t make it by March 31, we have to post a shirtless picture of ourselves on Facebook, with the world “Loser” printed on our stomachs in indelible magic marker. The photos go up on April Fools Day.

That should do it.

Hey, if you want to get in on the contest, let me know on Facebook and we’ll happily get you in on the game. I would suggest setting a goal of losing ten pounds by then.

If you are a female and want to get in on the action, your punishment will be to post a picture of yourself with the word “Loser” printed on your forehead in red lipstick.

200 or 200 bucks, with the threat of public humiliation hovering over you each time you open the refrigerator door. And since all proceeds go to charity, what have you got to lose?

And if this doesn’t work, next time we’ll be in speedos.


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