This holiday has not yet been ruined. It is still pure. Thanksgiving is a day we can pause and genuinely give thanks for all the things that make our lives special.

For some, there are big things. Weddings. A loved one returning from war unhurt. A new baby.

For most of us, the things for which are grateful are more subtle, more private. The love of a spouse. The laughter of children. The cozy warmth of being with family for the holidays. Good health.

For those stationed in hostile territory, even if they don’t say it, they are grateful for their comrades standing watch beside them. They give silent prayers of thanks for their loved ones back home who worry and ache for their return.

We give thanks for them, and for all the thousands of young men and women far from home who don’t get to relax and enjoy a festive dinner with family, because they are too busy protecting us.

And that’s a big thing.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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