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Here is an announcement that was sent to me by Pat, a frequent supporter of the troops. The contact information is at the bottom.

Do you have a TV/DVD player in your waiting room? Would you like videos relevant to your veteran clients?

VA Insurance has developed a compilation DVD that includes information on recent developments and changes in VA programs, combined with VA Newscasts about VA events and facilities. The video is both educational and entertaining and runs about 2 hours. So, you can just leave it run on its own. If your lobby or waiting rooms have a television monitor, we are asking you to play this DVD so that Veterans can learn of these important changes that potentially impact them.

If you have a monitor on which you can display this DVD, please provide us with the following information:

Contact name
Number of DVDs
Address to which we should send the DVD
Phone number

Please send me a response by October 1, 2012
215-842-2000 X4267
PO Box 13399
Philadelphia, PA 19101


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