Portraits of the fallen


I got an email not long ago from the daughter of a former shipmate, and it really moved me. She is a portrait artist, and has offered to paint portraits of the fallen free of charge. Here is the meat of her email:

My name is Christina Armstrong. I’m not sure the right way to word this so bear with me.

I’ve been feeling this overwhelming need to do something with my art… Not like have a show, or sell prints.

I’ve known this quote for a long time and it’s hung in my memory constantly:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” – Joy J. Golliver?.

That being said I think I might have figured out what my meaning of life is, other then my daughter and family. My father served our Country in the Navy, and I grew up on base. I want to do something to give back. If you know any families with Fallen Soldiers that would like a FREE Portrait drawn by me, please let me know. Send me a message. Give them my information.

My email is: christina.armstrong@hotmail.com.

It takes me a week or two to complete 1 portrait. So there will be a wait, but it’s worth the wait I promise!

Thank you to ALL of the Soldiers who are Serving currently, have served, and to the families of soldiers who have died fighting for our Freedoms!!

This is my work, https://www.facebook.com/portaitsbychristina

I want to give back to the people and families who have lost loved ones fighting for our freedoms.

We all have gifts to give. The special people are the ones who give them back to others. Thank you, Christina, for sharing yours.


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