We lost another hero of the Greatest Generation earlier this month. His name was Joe Vaghi, and his obituary in the Washington Post, written by Emily Langer, tells the story of a man who worked in one of the most dangerous jobs in the military during the greatest invasion of the war…and lived to tell about it. The obituary reads like a Stephen Ambrose novel, and describes his actions during D-Day.

Joe lived a long life and recognized the importance of telling his story, so he did. In 1994 he recounted his role in the invasion in an article titled, “D-Day, Easy Red Beach Normandy.”

I wish they all could live forever. Thank you, Joe, for serving our country and preserving our way of life. You are our hero of the week.

This is a video done by his son, interviewing a fellow Sailor from the 6th Beach Battalion who was on the Normandy beach with Joe: [youtube][/youtube]

Thanks to Michael for the tip.


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