Navy veteran Jonathan Blunk


In the aftermath of the crazed murders in Aurora, the story of three men has emerged, each of whom died while protecting their dates from the bullets.

One of them, Jonathan Blunk, was a Navy veteran who deployed three times to the Gulf and had intended to enlist again with the goal of becoming a Navy SEAL. He pushed his girlfriend Jansen Young under a seat and told her to stay down before being shot. She later told the Today Show, “I think John just took a bullet for me. He provided me the opportunity to survive.”

In his obituary, his friend was quoted as saying, “He wanted to be a first responder on the front line.” Indeed, he was a certified firefighter and emergency medical technician, evidence of a veteran who still had a strong service ethos in his soul.

Three other military members and veterans were killed that night. All four of them – Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress, Petty Officer Third Class John Larimer, Air Force veteran Rebecca Wingo, and Jonathan Blunk – were honored by the President during a speech at a VFW convention on July 23.

We honor not only the four who served, but all the victims of the senseless shooting.

Jonathan Blunk, Navy veteran, died defending the innocent, leaving a legacy of heroism under fire. He is our hero of the week.


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