It’s not a doll, it’s an action figure


Before you draw any conclusions, let me explain.

Those are not dolls I am playing with. Well, OK, one of them is, but the other one is an action figure. He has super human strength and fights evil. Clearly, Spiderman is saving Barbie from a villian, as if that needed to be explained.

And I have proof. Look at this picture:

See that little figure just to the left of the pink hat? Pure evil.

That little figurine is trying to kidnap Barbie, and the action figure I control is there to prevent that from happening.

Not on my watch.

For a little perspective, cartoonist/caricaturist Ray Alma took an action figure to Iraq, for crying out loud, and nobody gave it a second thought.

Ray Alma and GI Joe in Baghdad

Sure, we gave him the callsign “Doll Face”, but still.

I will admit at the time of these photos I was in a bit of a testosterone crisis, because I was sitting in the parking lot of the local Harley Davidson dealer, surrounded by American Legion Riders.

They were doing a fundraiser for the Wyakin Warrior Foundation, which was great. I didn’t have a motorcycle. I had a SUV, which wasn’t so great. I was not wearing a leather jacket, chaps or – frankly – any black clothing at all. I might as well have dressed up in a tutu and waltzed through the parking lot to the strain of “Tiny Dancer.”

On the plus side, the Riders were fantastic and gracious all day long. They will escort the new class of Wyakin Warriors to the Capitol building for their induction ceremony on June 21st. It will be an awesome display of support for those who have sacrificed for their country.

And, as long as they stay away from Barbie, we’re cool.


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