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CPT Bruce Hayes

I was sent an email from Cliff, a friend and a veteran. He flew helos in Vietnam and now spends his time working with severely wounded and injured veterans. In his email he included a link, typing only the simple words, “Why I’m proud to be a veteran.”

Here is the link.

I have seen this kind of thing before from veterans. If you are one, you share a special bond. Don’t ever forget that. But that bond extends far beyond those who were in uniform. This story illustrates that the brotherhood includes many, many supporters within the community, and stretches across the entire nation. Don’t forget that either.

Mrs. Hayes wanted her husband’s life remembered. She got her wish, thanks to veterans and non-veterans from all over the country working together to build an irreplaceable gift.

To learn more about Captain Hayes, click on his photo at the top of the page.


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