Utah family rescued from icy river by bystanders


Imagine driving along an icy road in the mountains of Utah and being the first driver to come across an accident that had just happened. Complicating the situation: there are three children trapped inside, and the car is upside down.

And it is in a river.

This is the scene that Chris Willden, a former police officer, came across on New Year’s Eve. The story of bravery and selflessness shown by him and several others who arrived shortly afterward is inspiring. Rather than tell the whole tale, click here for the entire story.

Almost as an afterthought the article mentions that, “…both he and his father are former military/civilian police officers, while his sister and mother are emergency medical technicians.

“It’s in our family to go out and help others,” he said. (quotes from the Christian Science Monitor)

Everyone survived the ordeal. Well done, Mr. Willden. You and the other seven who jumped into the river to save lives are our heroes of the week.


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