I don’t mean to whine, but…


I’m not one to whine, but I was looking at the DOD website this evening, and here were the headlines:


Obama: Gadhafi’s Death Marks End of Painful Era for Libya
Panetta to Highlight Regional Cooperation in Asia
Cyber Commander Presses for Math, Science Education
Doctrine to Establish Rules of Engagement Against Cyber Attacks
DOD Makes Strides in Wartime Contracting, Officials Say
Officials Seek DOD-wide Tuition Assistance Plan
U.S., NATO Condemn Attacks in Turkey
First Lady Announces Hiring Commitment for Spouses, Vets

Military News:

War of 1812 Flagship Reveals Its Secrets

CJCS – Dempsey: Energy Innovations Improve Security Efforts
ARMY – Rapid Equipping Force Strives to Save Energy, Lives
MARINES – Program Helps Service Members Cope With Stress
NAVY – US, Royal Cambodian Navies Participate in CARAT 2011
AIR FORCE – Lab Develops Engine-Saving ‘Snubber’
NATIONAL GUARD – Unit Supports King Memorial Dedication
COAST GUARD – Unit Participates in Oil Containment Training

Aside from maybe the first headline, nary a mention of the wars and operations in the Middle East, especially Afghanistan and Iraq. Shouldn’t there be?

Maybe I’m whining.


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