How long


How long does it take to forget?

How long before the memories fade and life returns to the way it used to be?

When will the frightened voices of the victims stop echoing in our ears?

Will the sick, sinking feeling ever go away?

Will the day come when we look at the images and feel nothing?

How long before we stop feeling a sense of responsibility to do something? To protect the ones we love?

When will we forget?


We will never forget. The memories, the feelings, the sadness…they will never fade. They will be a part of us forever.

They tried to divide us, but only renewed our sense of community.
They tried to terrorize us, but only strengthened our determination and conviction.
They tried to confuse us, but only gave us purpose.
They were on a mission to break our spirit, but only served to fortify it.

How long before we forget?

The day will never come.


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