It’s a weather problem


Thirteen cartoonists are invading San Diego this week to visit the troops and participate in the Navy Marine Corps Combat and Operational Stress conference.

Two of them didn’t make it.

At least not right away. It was a weather problem. Severe weather in Texas had not only affected flights into and out of Dallas, but also lots of other places that were waiting for their connections to arrive, forcing long delays.

One of them, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel – a supply guy as I recall, told me that “you weather guessers” had screwed things up for him, once again. Just because you take off the uniform doesn’t necessarily make you immune to the old jibes, and he knew it.

What he didn’t know, of course, is that one of the first things they teach aspiring weather forecasters is the Old Fall Back. When things turn nasty and it looks like you are about to take the blame for everything, pull out the Old Fall Back.

Blame it on Supply.


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