A simple email


The other day I got an email from a blind veteran who was moving and needed some help. He had found only one other person to move an entire house, and his pack-out date was only two days away.

So I sent an email to a dozen or so veterans I know. They sent the email to others, and they to others. By the day of the move, there were nearly twenty people standing in his driveway and nearly as many pickup trucks. Most had never met. Every service was represented, ranging in age from the mid-twenties to early seventies.

No one barked any orders – after introductions, each person just turned around and began carrying items to the rented van. Within a couple of hours the entire house was empty. Two hours later all the furniture had been moved into the new home.

The man who needed our help was stunned. He had no idea of the powerful bond that veterans share. By the time the group left, though, he understood.

All from a simple email.


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