25th anniversary contest: Caption this!


After 25 years of entertaining Navy Times readers with Broadside, Jeff Bacon wants you to do his job for once.

The creator of the winning caption for the above “Good Idea Fairy” cartoon will gain immortality as a “Broadside”-style caricature. The Bacon-rendered portrait of the lucky author will appear in a future issue of Navy Times, along with the winning caption.

To enter, leave a comment. Please include your full name, rate, rating or rank, e-mail address and phone number. Enter by 5 p.m. Eastern on March 28.

Good luck, and be funny.


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  1. “Go ahead and push that fire button. You won’t get in trouble. Missiles don’t make that much noise when they launch. Go for it!!”

    (I prefer not to leave my personal info in the comments)

  2. “Just ease that throttle forward. The Bridge won’t notice. Don’t you want to get home faster? You will be a hero!!”

  3. Sorry should have been a question mark in there… “Test the Missile Salvo Alarm at 0230? … Sure go for it …”

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