Lone Eagle


A Marine Corps veteran sent this to me, and I invite you to watch it. Before you do, however, let me tell you what you will see.

You will see a heartfelt tribute for a fallen Marine who was killed in Iraq in 2006. His name is Corporal Brett Lundstrom.

You will see a memorial service done in the tradition of the Lakota Tribe. It is dignified and solemn.

You will see his father, a career Marine himself, receive his son’s watch and dog tags.

You will see solemn pride as members of his tribe pay tribute to his courage and sacrifice.

You will see some differences, but you will also see the same grieving faces on his family’s faces that thousands of others have worn since 2001.

And in the end, you will see that we are all the same.

(Expand to full screen to watch the video)


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