Carb Loading


For a few years I tried the low carb diet to lose weight, but after a while it got pretty boring. No sugar, no bread, no milk. That means no pizza. No juicy hamburgers with all the fixin’s. No ice cream. Only meat (which I like) and other stuff (which I don’t like).

I wasn’t happy.

So I quit the low carbohydrate fad. And now that the tension in my belt is approaching guitar string territory, it is time to try something else.

I heard that marathon runners use carb loading, so since they’re pretty skinny I’ll go with that. A simple internet search reveals all the food that contains carbohydrates, which is pretty much everything except meat and eggs. Virtually the whole food pyramid is my oyster.

But why make it complicated? You can whittle the whole thing down to just a few basics: waffles (for breakfast), pizza (also for breakfast…plus lunch and dinner), and beer. That, my friend, is carb loading on steroids.

Of course, the “purists” will say it’s more complicated than that. They will argue that real carb loading involves a well-planned-out program designed to maximize the body’s energy.


Sure, mine might make it tough to run 26 miles in a stretch, but I could never do that anyhow. Besides, put a marathon runner at mile 20 next to a pizza/beer aficionado in front of a huge slice of “meat lover’s”, and you tell me which one has the bigger smile.

I can’t guarantee my diet will work like I have it mapped out, and I can’t guarantee I’ll lose weight.

But I can guarantee I’ll be happy.


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