Biggest blowouts in history


I was contemplating the Army-Navy game coming up this weekend, and my mind drifted to blowouts.

Of course. lists the top five blowouts in sports history:

No. 5—Austrailia 142, Namibia 0

This was in 2003 during the Rugby World Cup.

No. 4—Slovakia 82, Bulgaria 0

This happened this year when the Bulgarian women’s hockey team a was trying to qualify for the Olympics.

No. 3—Chicago 73, Washington 0

The 1940 football championship game, in which Chicago was especially motivated after an interview of the Redskins coach where he called the Bears a bunch of “quitters and crybabies.”

No. 2—South Korea 92, Thailand 0

A hockey game in 1998. One of the players made 31 goals in the game.

No. 1—Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland University 0

A 1916 college football game, in which Cumberland fielded replacement players instead of forfeiting. (They should have forfeited.)

Wikipedia lists a few others:

In 1973 Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths.

And you probably remember the 2009 women’s high school basketball game where the Covenant School beat the Dallas Academy team 100-0 (the winning coach was eventually fired after refusing to apologize).

I’m hoping to add another to the list on Saturday night. Go Navy!

(Click on the image for an animation Bryan Smith and I put together a while back.)


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