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Bad news is all around us. Just open a newspaper or watch the news on TV. If it bleeds it leads, like they say. But scratch the surface and underneath the veneer of sensationalism is a whole world of good – organizations who work behind the scene, with little fanfare, to spread their own special benevolence to those who need them.

One such organization is Soldiers’ Angels. Begun in 2003 by the mother of a deployed Soldier, the Angels exist for one reason – “to demonstrate active care and concern for veterans, the wounded, deployed service members and their families.” Their motto: “May No Soldier Go Unloved.”


From a meager beginning when a few friends and relatives got together to write letters for deployed troops, Soldiers’ Angels has grown into a multinational organization with around 200,000 volunteers. Its members not only send letters and packages to deployed servicemen and women, they also provide support and supplies to wounded warriors and their families back home. Their volunteers are scattered all over the world, and can always be found at all the major military hospitals in the United States and abroad.

As one of their many initiatives to make life easier for men and women in uniform, they have provided over 3000 laptops to wounded troops recuperating from their injuries, to allow them to stay connected while confined to a bed or wheelchair. Those who can’t use their hands are given voice activated devices.

Right now, and continuing through Veterans Day, Soldiers’ Angels is raising funds for more laptops in an effort called Project Valour-IT. This is your opportunity to donate to a cause that has a direct, immediate effect on those who have sacrificed for you. They need your help. I have donated already, and I hope you will too. (Click on the image to donate.)


And hey, if you want to volunteer to be a Soldiers’ Angel, go to their volunteer page.


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