I think I’m in trouble



I grew up in the Navy. The Navy gave me discipline. It taught me to follow orders, and to stay between the lines. Those lessons apply not only to the military, but to life in general.

So I’m a little concerned about my daughter.

We took her to the fair recently, and a side of her emerged that we hadn’t seen before. Our suggestions were ignored. Our lines in the sand were crossed. Barriers gave way to a limitless new world of excitement and fun.

As far as she cared, we didn’t exist.

We took her to a stage show. She didn’t watch it – she only wanted to check out the crowd.

We took her to the petting zoo, and tried to show her the baby chickens that had just emerged from their shells. “See the chicks? See the baby chicks?” She ignored them – she wanted to pet the bull.

The bull.

We told her to keep her hands outside the fence. She didn’t.


We tried to coax her toward the peaceful atmosphere of the barns where she could look at the llamas and lambs, but she sprinted in the opposite direction – straight toward the lights and sounds of the carnival rides.

So, at one-and-a-half, she likes crowds, is attracted to danger, rejects boundaries, and is runs toward noisy places with bright lights.

Oh, and she ignores her parents.

I think I’m in trouble.


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  1. All of the times at UNM when you made fun of my accent – then when I was in command – my JO’s used your cartoons as examples of my leadership techniques. I think your daughter’s approach in strictly in her genes – you are paying for your raising Jeff. And I love it.

    P.S. Keep up the great work!!

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