William has had better days.

William worked for an online help desk specializing in computer problems, and I was having some big ones. Outlook had locked up, and I kept getting an error message that said my mailbox had exceeded its limit and that I should delete some files.

William was the man to tackle the job.

I never actually talked to him – we only chatted by sending notes to each other – yet somehow he convinced me to give him total control of my computer. You have to understand I have a tough time letting my wife drive my eight year old car, but now I was giving William unrestricted access to everything I had on my computer.

I watched my cursor sputter across my screen as William did his analyzation. He defragmented. He cleaned files. He reloaded Outlook. He tried everything in the book. But the error messages kept returning: “You have exceeded your mailbox size. Delete files in your Personal Folder.”

He kept trying, but the errors kept repeating. “Exceeded mailbox. Delete files.”

I tried to be helpful, but William wouldn’t listen to suggestions. He became a man possessed. When the cursor stopped moving, I could feel him staring at the screen. I could sense his frustration all the way on this side of the globe. Still he would not give in. He looked at configuration files. He closed things. He opened things. He kept trying. He was Tin Cup with a keyboard.

Mailbox exceeded. Delete files.

After five hours – at 3am our time – William finally succumbed. He turned me over to the supervisor, who told me my mailbox had exceeded its limits and that I should delete some files.

I did, and everything began to work.

You have to feel for William – he had a rough go of it. But like everything in life, there will be better days.

But I’ll never let him drive my car.


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