Wounded Warriors go back to Iraq



(US Army photo)

I love this story. Six soldiers who had lost limbs in Iraq went back to visit, “…to withness the changes that have taken place due to their sacrifices.” (army.mil) The reason it struck me was twofold.

First, it shows the indominable spirit of the American soldier. These warriors had faced combat and lived to tell the story; and now were going back – in essence telling the world that they can be knocked down, but they won’t stay down.

And second, I met the soldier in the picture during a couple of our visits to Walter Reed. His name is Sgt. Marco Robledo and he’s a great guy. I remember shaking his prosthetic hand – he could manipulate it so well that it was hard to distinguish between it and a human hand. He’s also a heck of a gamer. He designed a game controller that he can manipulate with one hand, and he claims he can beat anyone. He hopes to take on a professional athlete in a USO program that pits the pros against the troops in online gaming.

I know which player I’d have my money on.

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