Caption Contest winner – May 28


Hey, this is the last caption contest for awhile, as we get ready to introduce some animation shorts. Thanks to everyone who played each week – I wish I had your imagination!

Catch one of the four wires and you’ll stop. If that doesn’t work, we use the barricade. And if that doesn’t work…..

Winning caption by Scott Stroman

Honorable mentions:

IrishSailor: Ummm…why didn’t anyone tell me the mail helo was inbound?

mikeyB: Uh, that low altitude, fast mover was the Captain…in his gig…returning from liberty…and he’s going to be late.

Vagster: “Scratch one GU-11″

CIWS CHIEF: Combat, Mount 21, 100 rounds expended, gun bore clear, 1 apparent casualty. I never knew a seagull could do that. (Editor’s note: This really happened!)


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