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  1. You know that page in the intel report that you said and I quote “same old stuff”, want to read it again?

  2. Scott Stroman on

    OK, I’m cheating here, but it’s a way to sneak in a well deserved Bravo Zulu. In the Off Duty section of the Navy Times there’s a story about a retired Navy guy who’s now “making the big bucks” as a cartoonist. Seems this old sailor name of Bacon just received the Silver T-Square award from the National Cartoonist Society. I understand that’s a pretty big deal and I figured Jeff was too modest to mention it, so I’m bending the rules a little. Well done, Captain!!!!

  3. Scott – Thanks for the shout out. I’m on my way back after the Reubens. You wouldn’t believe the benevolence the cartoonists have for our troops. All weekend long I was approached by cartoonists who wanted to do more to show their support. My blog report will be up on Wednesday. My award was an acknowledgement, I think, by the NCS that the whole organization is doing good things for our men and women in uniform. I’m just the action officer.

  4. Sent via email May 26th at 9:43 am by John Meacher:

    “Roger, sir… It’s not totally clear but it’s saying stuff like ’monitoring video broadcasts…need help…Colonial Marines and Sigourney Weaver!’ “

  5. Sent via email May 21st at 5:55 am by Kevin Ramey, but Don Squib came up with the caption:

    “The effects of Individual Augmentation finally reach Mars”

    Hey, it worked with “Kentucky”…. 🙂

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